Handy Tip: Proper Repairing will let your Car travel Extra Kilometre

Handy Tip & Tricks for Saving Money on AutoCare : Proper Repairing will let your Car travel Extra Kilometre

The countless problems we at Autoly see, especially the truly catastrophic problems, are the result of poor repairs. Proper vehicle maintenance may seem a bit overwhelming, but it is worth it. The only difference between a car that travels 150,000 km and a car that travels 500,000 km is good maintenance. Proper repair & Preventive Maintenance are two of your concerns if something goes wrong, and if properly monitored, both can keep your car on the road for a long time. 

Handy Tip & Tricks for Saving Money on AutoCare : Proper Repairing will let your Car travel Extra Kilometre
Handy Tip & Tricks for Saving Money on AutoCare : Proper Repairing will let your Car travel Extra Kilometre

Parts Replacement: Parts should be replaced when needed, not just when broken. For example, a ₹500 timing belt brake often causes more than ₹50,000 in damage to the valve, piston and head and must be replaced before it would fail. Cheap and easy brake pad replacement can prevent damage to rotors, calipers, spindles, etc. Your service manual will tell you when certain parts need to be replaced before they fail. 

Proper Repair: No matter how well the car is maintained, parts may fail. If so, it is essential to repair the car quickly and accurately. Improper patches or repairs ensure that the problem recurs as soon as possible, increasing the likelihood of other components being damaged. It is a big mistake to ignore the problem even if the car is running. Shutting down brake repair can make the rotor faster or worse. Ignoring large wheel bearings will damage everything around it and if you ignore broken belts and large pulleys it will eventually leave you abandoned. You can save money by fixing your car right now.

Identify Problem: By repairing rust and body damage, you can prevent heavy rust and keep the car in good condition. Physical injuries can cause the bumper, guard or loose parts to become loose and damage other parts while driving. Resolving these issues will not only improve the look of your car, it will work better.

Balancing & Alignments: Regularly adjust the front edge to prevent wear of the wheel rim, suspension and front components. Front adjustment is cheap and quick, but saves thousands of rupees on time-consuming repairs.

Preventative Maintenance:  Stopping before a problem occurs is the best way to maintain a vehicle. Parts, fluids and settings each have a specific lifetime and knowing when they need to be repaired can prevent failure and failure chain reactions. Oil should be changed every 5,000 to 8,000 km, depending on the vehicle and the fuel used. Other than that, you won’t notice the difference right now. In fact, you can probably go 50,000 km in the same oil before the engine loses a beat. Unfortunately, it was too late then. As the oil breaks down, oil sludge starts to form and only a small amount of sludge is required to shut off the oil filter, pump or small passage in the engine. I’ve seen it many times, the whole engine was damaged because none of the 10 minute frequent oil changes were sacrificed. The importance of oil change cannot be underestimated. Preventive maintenance is a protection against premature car failure and it is easy to forget that the car is working properly, but it is very important to monitor.

Body: It is not important to wash and wax the car due to mechanical or operational condition, but it can save colour and keep the car fresh. Here’s what you can do on your own and you’ll be happier in your car every time you see it. Painting your car also prevents corrosion, which will extend the life of your car. Once rust starts it is hard to get rid of it, so do what you can to keep it away. 

The important thing to remember is that material failure is not usually different, but part of the chain reaction. One part breaks down somewhere due to a problem, or if one part fails, the other parts wear out and fail. When you have a car on the road and you think, “Wow, this car is perfect for the time being”, it is not necessarily because of the low mileage. With proper maintenance, a 500,000 km car will look as beautiful as one tenth of its mileage.

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