Handy Tip: Importance of Maintaining the Car Battery

@Autoly_IN Handy Tip: Importance of Maintaining the Car Battery

Car’s headlights, ignition along with many other important functions, work on the electrical energy from your car’s engine. An important part of power generation is having a place to store it when not in use – Your Car Battery. When the car is off, the battery stores electrical energy which helps the engine to run and creates a spark to start the internal combustion engine. If the battery fails, you can’t start the car.

Handy Tip: Importance of Maintaining the Car Battery
Handy Tip: Importance of Maintaining the Car Battery

Allowing the Autoly AutoCare Crew team to do proper maintenance will ensure that the average car battery lasts for about four years. Lead-acid batteries are the most common car battery found in most automobiles today. If you look under the lid of the 12V car battery you will see that six cells are connected. These cells contain a toxic mixture of hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfuric acid that can burn on contact with your skin. The car battery is connected to the top of the battery carriage by two metal poles (a positive + and a negative – pole). These terminals can build up over time and block the flow of electricity. If there is any debris in the battery, remove it and ask all car service personnel to clean it. This allows electricity to flow through the connector to the required components. Make sure the end of the cable is securely attached to the tip. The loose end of the wire can prevent the car from starting. 

It is important that a technician inspect the battery cable. Users are recommended to wear gloves and eye protection when handling car batteries. It is also advisable not to smoke near the car battery. If you remove the positive prior to the negative terminal, there may be a spark and the fuel in the engine compartment may ignite and explode.

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