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Launched in June – 2021, Autoly is a marketplace and aggregator for the “AutoCare Services Industry” in India. Helping Vehicle owners find AutoCare Repair shops / Mechanics / Garages in nearby areas.

Technology is making our lives more and more convenient. Cutting edge Startups and Established Companies are taking a variety of approaches for Indian industry. Their exceptional performance is due to one of these categories:

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According to research, there are 60 lakh AutoCare garages in India, but 60% of Vehicle owners still have difficulties finding small garages before / after the warranty expires. Additionally, if the vehicle breaks down while on the move, it may be difficult for users to find the nearest repair shop or mechanic. Autoly AutoCare aims to solve this problem.

Autoly now is organising the AutoCare industry and making it easy for AutoCare Service Providers and Vehicle Owners to respond to their Urgent Repairs, Regular Services demands on time and at standard prices. Autoly’s app can be used by car, scooter, bike, rickshaw and heavy vehicle owners.

What is Autoly AutoCare?

Launched in June – 2021, Autoly is a marketplace and aggregator for the “AutoCare Services Industry” in India. Helping Vehicle owners find AutoCare Repair shops / Mechanics / Garages in nearby areas.

Devesh, Co-Founder, CTO, Solution Evangelist @Autoly AutoCare:

Mobile technology will change the way Vehicle owners communicate with the nearest AutoCare Mechanic in Gujarat. We eliminate human intervention between two users using our Mobile Technology Platform.”

Autoly Mobile App for Apple and Android users is developed using native technology to make it easier for Vehicle Owners and AutoCare Service Providers to interact. This AutoCare venture currently has 200+ AutoCare partners across Ahmedabad & Baroda. Autoly is backed by a leading International IT Service Provider – Addon Solutions Pvt Limited to serve customers across Gujarat 24/7 for Vehicle related assistance or emergency breakdowns.

Bhavesh – Co-Founder, CEO, CBO @Autoly and Addon Technologies Technology Development Partner for Autoly Application Development:

We have developed this mobile app with each Co-Founder’s vision in mind. GPS based location functionality that allows users to automatically search for the nearest mechanic; make this App smart and easy to use.”

The Mobile Platform has a simple user interface (UI) that provides a range of services: from General Services, Electrical, Engine performance, Road Emergency Assistance to Washing Spa to Vehicle Accessories. The App allows users to locate AutoCare Repair shops in a particular area, automatically within a radius of up to a certain km using GPS & Location Based Mobile Platform.

24/7 Emergency assistance service for members with high priority. Roadside Assistance with an extensive network of AutoCare mechanics across Ahmedabad is readily available with Autoly AutoCare.

Theju, Innovation, AI, GTM Strategy @Autoly:

“Autoly App will establish a direct link between vehicle owners and mechanics. And over time, with the Customer Reviews and Ratings available, it will boost the business of efficient AutoCare Repair Owners and bring transparency to Vehicle Owners.”

Our future plans include adding more features to their Apple and Android Mobile App, such as the use of Neural Networks for Automobile Identification & Estimation of damages & insurance Claims using Artificial Intelligence. The future mobile app iteration will also include #PreventiveMaintenance to identify Vehicle repairs before critical catastrophic problems.


The bootstrapping company benefited from one round of investments from founders themselves, as well as close friends and family. Devesh, Bhavesh and Theju confirmed that they are looking to raise a bigger fundraising round in the future Series A funding.

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Future Plans

Autoly AutoCare has a long-term vision of empowering 50,000+ AutoCare Partners across India. Currently, the company is looking for partnerships with local contractors and direct sales agents and plans to have a local presence in all tier II & tier I cities by the end of the next year. These agents will help the company to have more local AutoCare Providers. Any AutoCare Business Owner can join Autoly as a Crew / Partner and leverage the power of the partner network with mobile technology.

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