Maintenance Check: What will Happen if you are stuck in Sand or Snow?

Maintenance Check: What will Happen if you are stuck in Sand or Snow?

Getting stuck in Sand, Mud, or Snow is incredibly annoying. 

When you’re stuck, don’t make it worse by damaging a high-priced vehicle item. Rocking gently to try and free the car is fine. Repeatedly moving your car from front to back, even when the tyres are spinning at high speed, will generate countless temperatures and cause problems with power transmissions and clutches. It should be cheaper in the long run to go for the towing vehicle rather than risk big repair costs down the road. It’s a good plan to keep a traction aid inside the trunk, such as a shovel for sand, gravel, snow. 

Maintenance Check: What will Happen if you are stuck in Sand or Snow?
Maintenance Check: What will Happen if you are stuck in Sand or Snow?

If stuck on a busy road, you and your car are in danger of colliding with different nearby moving vehicles. This is often not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous.

In Northern regions of India with heavy snowfalls, the odds of getting stuck are higher.  The cold wind intensifies in the snow region where your car is stuck, frostbite can lower body temperature as heat is expelled from the body more quickly, which can cause damage to body tissues due to extreme cold. And with the onset of darkness, the danger is even greater. 

However, you can get out of trouble if you know what to do. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting stuck and what to try if your car gets stuck in overly congested traffic. 

Plan before going on such long drives by making sure your car tyres are fit for fitness, properly inflated, and not very old. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, consider buying winter ready tyres.

If you get hopelessly stuck in the mud, don’t drive crazy, keep the wheels straight and with very light pressure on the accelerator, move the vehicle back and forth. If the tyres start to skid, stop and change the direction of the wheel.  

In deep snow or particularly soft sand and dust, the swivel tyres dig even deeper. If you have a manual transmission, use the second gear mechanism. Once you start, don’t stop until you reach the hard ground. But if, after 5 – 10 tries, you’re still there, try the following tip.

Dig deep and create a path several feet long for all wheels. It’s a reasonable idea to put a fold able shovel in your emergency kit along with other materials. If you don’t have a shovel, use what you can find in the surrounding: a hood, a piece of wood, a pointed branch, etc.

Add traction by putting sand on the digged path. Rugs or nets can also provide grip in snow, sand, or mud. 

  • Fill in the Tyre Tracks: Dirt is a drawback because it can keep the wheels spinning. If you get bogged down in sand, first try creating tyre tracks and covering them up with small gravels, pebbles, twigs, clothing.
  • Let some Air Out: By deflating the tyres by using a tyre gauge to reduce the pressure to a minimum of 10 PSI, then inflate the tyres once you have reached hard ground.

Else here’s what you can do: 

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