How AI Can Transform AutoCare Service Industry

@Autoly_IN How AI Can Transform AutoCare Service Industry

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With modernisation and remodelling activities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is expected to fundamentally change the outline of the AutoCare industry down the line.

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The AutoCare Industry has always been flexible and versatile. But the next wave of Technological change is expected to be the most disruptive. The rate is accelerating at an alarming pace and to survive businesses must embrace new ways of running their business and increasing their profits to be competitive.

How AI Can Transform AutoCare Service Industry
How AI Can Transform AutoCare Service Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged to revolutionise any industry. It is a technology that allows Machines to learn, respond and perform without human intervention. Artificial Intelligence has made great progress in the last decade, especially during Covid19 Pandemic and is expected to have a long-term impact on the AutoCare Repairs & all major industries.

How Automotive’s AI & Digital Transformation is impacting AutoCare services

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science can detect and identify 

a) damaged vehicle parts,
b) determine the severity,
c) type of damages,
d) can estimate repair time of the vehicle;
within seconds of receiving an image of a damaged vehicle.

Artificial Intelligence can easily quicken the process after an accident. The Machine Vision Algorithm automatically assesses the vehicle damages for the customer to decide the next course of action. Using AI to automate visual activities is an instant way to provide various stakeholders with relevant information. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), businesses can classify various damages, saves time and reduces uncertainty in difficult times.  Autoly’s AutoCare Mobile App can help users to get a list of Nearby Workshops to repair the damages after an accident with various offers relevant to the damaged parts, using Autoly’s AI Algorithm; Workshops, which have more experience servicing certain vehicle models and have more positive reviews can be advantageous for user in Decision making. Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS) in Autoly’s AI platform helps users in Decision Support and Knowledge Management.

AI powered Autoly’s app provides users with a full Digital Experience. Since Covid19 outbreak, interactions without face-to-face communication, were seen as beneficial. Digital interaction has been made mandatory by various Industries. This kind of new contact less approach can give customers full control, quickly initiate Damage Assessment and Insurance Claims in future. Provide necessary images to workshop mechanics, making it easy to order the parts and to repair. This instant AI based invoicing with initial billing estimate, can ensure the vehicle is restorable. At the same instant, Vehicle Insurance Companies can act quickly to review and approve repair works.

Repair Information and User Assistance Experience is key to Autoly’s AutoCare. The continuous development of Artificial Intelligence Technology enables technologists to diagnose and repair increasingly sophisticated computer systems.

AI developed to classify damages after an accident can help Vehicle Insurance Companies, whereas Road and Transport companies can also use the Advanced AI in preventing further accidents.

Car inspection methods have also changed dramatically. As healthcare professionals embrace smart machines for fast and accurate diagnosis, AutoCare Technicians spend more time managing, checking and diagnosing, maintaining competition, constantly increasing technology deficits, and increasing overhead costs. .

Future versions of Autoly’s Artificial Intelligence can standardise driver’s driving patterns by creating profiles based on factors identified by Big Data. Instead of setting Insurance Premiums based on history, AI predicts how safer a driver will be on the road and reduces the risk of an accident by analysing driving patterns and driving conditions.


Technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), is getting very advanced with time, it is becoming more and more universal in many areas of our daily lives. In consequence, Artificial Intelligence has also played an important role in the AutoCare Repair Industry. With the processes of modernisation and remodelling, this technology is expected to fundamentally change the face of AutoCare Industry.

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