Handy Tip: Second hand car’s Maintenance Checklist at the time of Purchase

Handy Tip: Second hand car’s Maintenance Checklist at the time of Purchase

Buying an Second hand car is not as difficult as it may seem. Use these Maintenance Checklist to Avoid major Repairs in the Future.

Old cars differ from today’s cars in many ways. They often have low rotation & high clearance. They require more frequent maintenance and high quality special products to keep them in good condition and run smoothly. In other words, the older the car, the more expensive the maintenance. Also, if proper maintenance was neglected by previous owner, it can lead to costly repairs, breakdowns and accidents.

Handy Tip: Second hand car's Maintenance Checklist at the time of Purchase
Handy Tip: Second hand car’s Maintenance Checklist at the time of Purchase

So here are some Maintenance Checklist that you should not avoid if you plan to buy a Second hand car.

  1. Check Fluids changing History : Vehicles are made up of many components that make the car work together. These components contain a lot of fluid, without which the car can break down a lot or just stop working. It is very important to keep these fluids at the level recommended by the manufacturer. This checklist can help to make sure your Second hand car is in the best driving condition. Check the engine oil with two fingers and test the small pieces of metal for internal damage.
  2. Regular Maintenance History : Older cars wear out over time and may require more maintenance than newer models. Regular maintenance is essential to avoid major repairs in the future. Check whether the previous owner had pay attention to regular services in the past. The engine compartment should be rust-free. Check for exhaust smoke; whether there is oil vapour in the smoke.
  3. Replace Worn Parts : Your Second hand car’s Air Filter, Spark Plug, Engine parts and Transmission should be maintained regularly by previous owner to ensure that your car is running smoothly. If you find any worn or broken parts in your Second hand car, get it replaced immediately by the previous owner.
  4. Condition of Battery : Batteries can suddenly discharge without warning if it was not properly maintained by previous owner. Start the car. If it takes long time, the battery / alternator is bad.
  5. Tyres : It is important that the tyres always have the right amount of air. It is also important to keep the tyres in balance and rotate every few months. If there are any signs of wear, replace the tires as soon as possible to avoid accidents and improve your Second hand car’s fuel economy. In case of uneven wear, the suspension needs additional inspection.
  6. General Hygiene : Keeping the car clean just doesn’t look good. By washing and waxing the interior and exterior of the car and protecting it regularly, can keep the body paint shiny and prevent rust. Also inspect interiors such as high quality seat belts / dashboard covers,
  7. Spark Plug : A Spark Plug is a vehicle component for igniting a mixture of fuel and oxygen in a cylinder by spark in an internal combustion engine equipped with a spark ignition. Without a good spark plug, the car will be difficult to turn on and you will not be able to drive comfortably. Therefore, if your previous owner has take good care of their old car, he would have replace the spark plugs when needed. Defective spark plugs can cause the engine to run longer than necessary, which can lead to more problems in the future.
  8. Car Glasses : Check all glasses by year of manufacture. If the car glasses has been replaced, it may be in an accident.
  9. Door sealant : Check the door sealant on all the edges of door frames. If the sealant is damaged, it may be in an accident.
  10. Brake : No strange sound while applying brakes.
  11. Documents : Do not purchase from anyone other than the owner. Dealers can been included. Do not use the vehicle in the name of the previous owner. Change owner name immediately. Make sure previous owner has done insurance renewals at regular intervals.

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