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Over the past decades, the Automotive industry has grown in India. As the Automotive industry is a huge contributor to India’s GDP, it will continue to grow as the Indian economy grows faster through 2021 and beyond.

The pandemic was an unprecedented disruption and left an indelible mark in social and economic history. But these challenges have created new learning. The anticipated strong growth also brings its own challenges, such as keeping pace with growth while protecting and increasing profitability. On the other hand, one of the major developments in information technology over the past decade has been the ability to efficiently store and retrieve large amounts of data in different formats arriving at different speeds. The next logical application for the automotive industry is the ability to gain actionable insights from “Big Data” through analytics.

Automakers have implemented Big Data analytics in a variety of jobs, starting with dealerships, with the goal of getting customer input / selection and same day delivery of their vehicle. With the expansion of solutions based on Big Data analytics, the engineering and manufacturing professions are in a unique position to take advantage of these solutions, as data-driven decision making has always been at the centre of. these jobs.

PLI Scheme in the Automotive Industry

The Indian Government’s ₹26,058 crore for the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Program is a boost for the Automotive sector. The PLI encourages companies that are not active in the Automotive industry to use this system and therefore also applies to new entrants. The goal is to create a living ecosystem for manufacturing advanced Auto parts. It works with a simple framework to reward the manufacturer for certain results. It should attract new investment, increase efficiency and promote healthy competition.

Start Now to Reinvent Your AutoCare Servicing Concept for Automotive Maintenance /After Sales Service with more and more Big Data

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Digitisation of every Integrated, Paperless Service TouchPoint, from Vehicle Inspection to Repair to Vehicle Check out with Hassle-Free, Transparent & Easy to Use Mobile Application

Autoly AutoCare

Based on Data-Driven approach of Big Data, following details can be collected via the app:
01) Individual Servicing Needs
02) User Driving location / regions
03) User Driving Pattern
04) User Priorities
05) User Mobility needs
06) Outdoor Climate Conditions
07) Receipt / delivery from User Location
08) Real-time Vehicle Status
09) Makes and Models
10) Mileage & Fuel Efficiency

Following Insights can be provided to users via the app:
01) Providing Customer Interaction through simple feedback and combine with online reviews
02) Loyalty Programs suggesting how to utilise points (such as a FREE Car Wash) and make every customer interaction to get further points
03) Various Tailored Offers to enrich the Service Experience
04) Predictive Maintenance

And user can ACCESS it all with just a tap on their smartphone with Autoly AutoCare.

Further, integrating connections to broader ecosystems of Auto Parts dealer / suppliers and professional training programs for mechanic / workshop crew.

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